Suffering Lives Only in the Mind

Institute for the Relief of Suffering

A California-based 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

Our mission is to reduce stigma, raise awareness, and increase access to quality mental health healing and treatment. 

We connect people with vital mental health resources and information as well as train licensed and certified practitioners to be faster and more effective healers.

A Conversation with Founder Jordan Boehler

What's new

"What Is Insomnia?"

Founder Jordan Boehler is featured on the Terra Cotta Living Podcast with Kimberly Sagers, discussing Mimetic Therapies, Parenting, and the problem with Self-care! Check it out Here!!

"I Am Not That"

Founder Jordan Boehler is featured on the Intuitively Guided Podcast with Holly Finucan, discussing Mimetic Therapies, relationships, and how to relieve suffering. Check it out Here!!

"Weight Loss and Transcendence"


"Red Flags Are Two Sided"

Changing Minds

The Institute for the Relief of Suffering is a California-based 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization formed in 2022. Our aim is to relieve suffering around the world by changing the minds of individuals. Check out our Newsletter!

Revolutionary Training for Licensed Mental Health Professionals and certified healers (including NLP practitioners, Somatic Experiencing Practitioners, hypnotists, and others who already work with clients independently) to grow and impact real, lasting change.

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