A Practical Manual for a Healthy Relationship: A "Chiropractic" Approach

Available on Amazon for $14.99 | Accessible for Couples Counselors and the General Public | 100% Proceeds for Nonprofit Cause

This paperback is accessible as a handy guide for individuals involved in romantic relationships as well as a comprehensive manual for couples counseling for therapists, counselors, and other healers around the world. 

It is a curated collection of repurposed, evidence-based techniques and ways of thinking about how most human minds tend to operate in romantic relationships. Each chapter details a powerfully effective approach to improving communication and deepening and strengthening romantic connection, as well as methods to practice and tips to implement what's practiced. 

This manual includes, in appendices, sample accountability and implementation barrier logs to support with ongoing application of what is learned. 

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Manual Práctico Para una Relación Sana: Un Enfoque ‘Quiropráctico’

Disponible en Amazon por $14.99 | Accesible para consejeros de pareja y el público en general | 100% de las ganancias para una causa sin fines de lucro

Este libro de bolsillo es accesible como una guía práctica para las personas involucradas en relaciones románticas, así como un manual completo para el asesoramiento de parejas para terapeutas, consejeros y otros sanadores de todo el mundo. 

Es una colección curada de técnicas reutilizadas, basadas en la evidencia y formas de pensar acerca de cómo la mayoría de las mentes humanas tienden a operar en las relaciones románticas. Cada capítulo detalla un enfoque poderosamente eficaz para mejorar la comunicación y profundizar y fortalecer la conexión romántica, así como métodos para practicar y consejos para poner en práctica lo practicado. 

Este manual incluye, en apéndices, ejemplos de registros de responsabilidad y de barreras a la implementación para apoyar con la aplicación continua de lo aprendido. 

Check out the podcast about the manual and couples counseling on the Enterprise Podcast Network with Founder and author Jordan Boehler, LCSW here.

Relational Attachment Training (RAT) for Caregivers of Adolescent Victims of Human Trafficking

Available on Amazon for $29.99 | Accessible for Licensed Mental Health Practitioners and the General Public | 100% Proceeds for Nonprofit Cause

Human trafficking is a global epidemic which was estimated to involve 1400 to 2.4 million youth between the ages of 11 and 14 sexual exploitation in 2015. This book seeks to explore how Relational Cultural Therapy (RCT), Attachment theory, and psychoeducation can be used to equip caregivers and foster parents of youth who have experienced DMST with information on how to build healthy relationships and resiliency to mitigate possible risk factors and recidivism.

Proposed within is a ten-session psychoeducational group curriculum to inform caregivers on how to foster secure attachments and build resiliency as described by the theoretical perspectives of RCT and Attachment theory.

Meme of the Week: A Guided Reflection Journal

Available in Hardcover on Amazon for $39.99 | Accessible for Licensed Mental Health Practitioners and the General Public | 100% Proceeds for Nonprofit Cause

A sleek and modern prompt-based journal with 52 meme prompts for a whole year, designed to cause reflection on the nature of particular themes or lessons in their lives. Helpful for those just learning about use a journal or struggling to use a journal as a growth tool.