Mimetic Therapies

A mental health treatment modality and approach to relieving human suffering developed by the Institute for the Relief of Suffering. 

Mimetic Therapies is a distillation of the shared 'active ingredients' of pioneering, evidence-based treatment approaches like Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), Somatic Experiencing, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) that make them all so effective that also harnesses the power of those techniques and tools  that make each of these approaches uniquely powerful. Mimetic Therapies is based originally on the works of Merlin Donald and Carl Jung, as well as Polyvagal theory.

The Mimetic Therapist translates the client's description of their problem(s) onto a sensory-cognitive-based [non-logical] framework and then uses the client's imagination to manipulate the system within that framework in order to cause a corresponding change or shift in the client's own subjective experience. This 'active ingredient' is the functional orientation that all forms of Mimetic Therapies share. It is so effective because metaphor, sensory information, narrative, and symbolism are the languages of the subconscious parts of the brain that cause the experience of all thoughts, feelings, and sensations. The styles and methods by which the Mimetic Therapist is able to cause this shift from within the client are derived from each of the treatment approaches mentioned above, amongst others, and are tailored, in real time, to the client and circumstance. The process is fun, the healing is rapid, and the results are complete and lasting.

Mimetic Therapies is a concentrated integration of the most effective elements of the most powerful approaches to healing trauma/PTSD, Anxiety/Panic, OCD, Anger, Addiction, Depression, Chronic Pain, Guilt, Shame, Regret, Suicidality, Sexual Abuse, and many other mind-body issues.

Directive Style

Easy to Understand

Rapid, Profound Results

Holistic Impact

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