Our work with independent practitioners, group private practices, and agencies is revolutionizing the training and delivery of quality mental health treatment and healing around the world.

Who We Are

We are a small group of independent practitioners of Mimetic Therapies, which include Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), Somatic Experiencing, as well as Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) from the United States of America. We started this Nonprofit Organization in California in 2022 with the goal of helping to relieve suffering around the world. 

What We Do

We partner with individual practitioners, private psychotherapy practices, and agencies around the world to provide a unique benefit to licensed and pre-licensed clinicians and certified healers on staff: individualized, ongoing, one-on-one training called APPRENTICESHIP. A member of our team meets with each individual practitioner over an extended period of time and provides training and implementation support in Mimetic Therapies (including RRT, IFS, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR). This style of training supports pre-licensed and licensed/certified practitioners to become more effective and faster at relieving the suffering of the individuals they work with as well as to learn to successfully treat a wider range of client issues. This means that providing this benefit to your staff has the power to increase job satisfaction and retention as well as improve client outcomes and boost the appeal of your organization. We also provide this service as covering or substitute supervision. For more information, please contact us here or complete the form below.

When and Where We Do It

Weekly meetings are preferred, but bi-monthly or even monthly also works. Every practitioner's schedule and needs are different. We're here to work with yours. All of our meetings are conducted virtually. This allows for Apprenticeship sessions to fit in to practitioners' already busy schedules.

Why and How We Do It

Our mission is to relieve suffering around the world. We believe training and supporting independent practitioners and healers around the world to utilize Mimetic Therapies will help do so. Also, we recognize that doing this work isn't easy, and finding real training that gets real results isn't easy either. We want to provide practitioners and practice/agency owners the ability to provide their staff with a benefit that will be of real value, as opposed to a gift card for coffee or a discount oil change.

This style of training, called APPRENTICESHIP is widely known as the backbone of high quality, effective healing in many fields.

(some of) Our Data

What's the difference between APPRENTICESHIP and the supervision already provided in my practice?

APPRENTICESHIP is done in a supervision style- that is to say one-on-one, over an extended period of time (bi-weekly or monthly), and addressing particular real-life client issues from particular real-life client cases as well as following up on those issues- but differs in that the practitioner is also receiving training in Mimetic Therapies, like RRT, IFS, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR. This style of training has been shown to speed up progress in learning, as ongoing feedback around particular real-life issues and how to resolve them guides the practitioner into a deeper understanding and therefore more authentic application of these modalities.

What's the difference between APPRENTICESHIP and training?

Most training in mental health treatments and modalities is given in sporadic or spread out weekend workshops, where participants get the opportunity to practice the techniques on other participants. This disconnected setting without ongoing feedback and guidance leaves many participants feeling lost and incapable of implementing what they were supposed to have been learning to implement over the weekend. This is of course because other training participants and a training weekend workshop is not a stand in for real clients with real issues sitting in front of you. APPRENTICESHIP is an ongoing, one-on-one relationship that feeds both the skills and the soul of the practitioner.

CEU Credits?

Unfortunately, the individualized nature of this training means it is ineligible to provide CEU credits. The Institute is currently advocating for a change in policy to include this benefit for participants. Stay tuned!


Participants in the APPRENTICESHIP program for at least 6 months are eligible to be invited to complete the oral and experiential exam to obtain official certification in Mimetic Therapies. Becoming certified as a Mimetic Therapist means being able to offer clients the best parts of the most effective treatments and modalities in the field, which translates to real results, quick! This certificate indicates a skill and competency in resolving complex issues with an eclectic mix of the most powerful and pioneering approaches in the world. To find out more, complete the form below.

What participants are saying about APPRENTICESHIP

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